воскресенье, 3 февраля 2008 г.

Penis Enlargement

Penis massage is a method used from many years to increase the size of penis. The most popular form of penis massage is known as jelquing. In this form of massage some lubricating cream or oil is applied on the penis to obtain a smoother surface. The penis is gripped in one hand in such a way that your thumb and forefinger form a ring around the shaft of the penis. You should have a proper grip on the shaft of the penis and the ring should me moved towards the glans of the penis. The movement should be smooth,slow and rhythmic. The hands can be used one by one. In the beginning 15 minutes massage is enough per day but afterwards it can increased up to 30 minutes.
This type of massage is having two advantages the first one is increase in size as well as jelquing also helps in attaining a better erection. Massage increases the size of blood chambers in the penis as a result the penis is filled properly with blood which means better erection. Regular massage can also delay your ejaculation.
Some people feel dull pain when they are massaging their penis in this case it not a good idea to continue massage but you should visit your physician. So you can start practicing this massage today as this will help you in increasing size,gives you better erections as well as premature ejaculation can be cured. There are many methods of penis enlargement but in my view you should opt for natural one.